Family Budget Worksheet

by Stephen

You did it!

You spent the last 30 days finding out exactly where all your money goes.  That is a feat in and of itself.  If you were dedicated enough to do that, then I have no doubt that you will be successful in setting up and using a livable budget.

By liveable I mean one that isn’t so restrictive and unrealistic that you can’t stick with it and end up abandoning it.  That is the key.  That is exactly why you had to find out where the money was going.  Now that you have that information you can set a realistic budget.  Not one that is to painful to start and stick with.  You can always adjust and tighten your spending up as quickly or slowly as you want.  More importantly is the need to take action now.  By taking action you are will be making budgeting a habit that will be the key to your family’s financial success.

If you skipped my last post the one where you tracked your spending, do yourself a favor and follow the instructions in that one before moving on to the Family Budget Worksheet.  It will make the following steps that much easier.

You can read that post by clicking here —–>>> Spending Tracker Spreadsheet post.

To make things as easy for you as possible.  I have included my Budget Tracker.  This is very similar to the Spending Tracker Spreadsheet except this one has a couple of important changes, which I am listing below.

  1. There is a column for you to enter the budgeted amount for all of your bills and expenses for the month.
  2. The second column is the same as in the last spreadsheet.  You only need to add the amounts for things that don’t change like  the mortgage.
  3. The third column is new, that column adds or subtracts for you so you can see if you are still within budget for the month.
  4. Finally at the bottom you can put in your income for the month and see how much you have left over for savings!

So what are you waiting for?

Keep the momentum going, and START NOW by clicking on the Budget Tracker.  The best part is the Budget Tracker is an easy to use Family Budget Worksheet.  You don’t even need a calculator.

It does all the math for you!

As always, I am excited that you, like me care enough about the financial success of your family to set up a budget.

If you have any questions on how to use the Budget Tracker.  Don’t hesitate to ask.



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